Made for exclusive and elegant nicotine enjoyment.

A strong snus - suitable for experienced users.



Pablopods, also called Pablo snus, enjoy enormous popularity. For wholesale we offer three versions: The classic Ice Cold variant in a frosty mint flavor, the Pablo X-Ice Cold in a light tobacco flavor and a bit drier and the Red variant, a combination of various mint flavors.


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Häufig bestelltUltra Stark 30 mg/g
Pablo Ice Cold Nicotine Pouch Snus
Pablo Ice Cold Offer €2,35
Pablo Exklusive Grape Ice - snuzone
Frequently ordered
Pablo Exclusive Mango Ice - snuzone
Pablo X-Ice Cold Nicotine Pouch Snus
Pablo X-Ice Cold Offer €2,35
Frequently ordered
Pablo Exklusive Strawberry-Lychee - snuzone
Pablo Exklusive Frosted Ice - snuzone
Pablo Red
Pablo Red Offer €2,35
Pablo Exklusive Bubblegum - snuzone
Pablo Exclusive Kiwi
Pablo Exclusive Kiwi Offer €2,35
Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit
Pablo Exclusive Pear
Pablo Exclusive Pear Offer €2,35
Pablo Freeze Gold
Pablo Freeze Gold Offer €2,35
Pablo Ice Cold Mini - snuzone
Pablo Ice Cold Mini Offer €2,35
Pablo X-Ice Cold Mini
Pablo X-Ice Cold Mini Offer €2,35
Pablo Exclusive Banana Hit - #50 MG/Gsnuzone


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