Made for exclusive and elegant nicotine enjoyment.

A strong snus - suitable for experienced users.



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Häufig bestelltUltra Stark 30 mg/g
Pablo Ice Cold Nicotine Pouch Snus
Pablo Ice Cold Offer €2,35
Best SellerSpare 11%
Grant extreme editionGrant Extreme Nicotine Pouches
Grant extreme edition Offer €2,45 Regular price€2,75
Pablo Exklusive Grape Ice - snuzone
Especially popularSpare 5%
Klint Arctic Mint X-Strong - snuzone
Klint Arctic Mint X-Strong Offer €1,99 Regular price€2,10
Spare 11%
Grant Ice CoolGrant Ice Cool Nicotine Pouches
Grant Ice Cool Offer €2,40 Regular price€2,70
Best Seller
Nois extreme cool
Nois extreme cool Offer €2,25
99% customer recommendationSpare 5%
Klint Avalanche Mint
Klint Avalanche Mint Offer €1,99 Regular price€2,10
Velo X-Freeze Max
Velo X-Freeze Max Offer €3,25
Pablo X-Ice Cold Nicotine Pouch Snus
Pablo X-Ice Cold Offer €2,35
Velo X-Freeze Nicotine Pouch
Velo Freeze X-Strong Offer €3,25
Spare 5%
Klint Freeze Mint snus - snuzoneKlint Freeze Mint snus - snuzone
Klint Freeze Mint Offer €1,99 Regular price€2,10
Frequently ordered
Pablo Exclusive Mango Ice - snuzone
Cuba Black Blueberry
Cuba Black Blueberry Offer €1,99
Spare 23%
Fix Blueberry Ice
Fix Blueberry Ice Offer €1,80 Regular price€2,35
Cuba Black Cherry
Cuba Black Cherry Offer €1,99
Frequently ordered
Pablo Exklusive Strawberry-Lychee - snuzone
Spare 5%
Klint Polar Mint snus - snuzoneKlint Polar Mint snus - snuzone
Klint Polar Mint Offer €1,99 Regular price€2,10
Nois Extreme Blueberry - snuzone
Nois Extreme Blueberry Offer €2,25
Spare 23%
Fix Green Mango Lemongrass
Fix Green Mango Lemongrass Offer €1,80 Regular price€2,35
Pablo Red
Pablo Red Offer €2,35
Pablo Exklusive Frosted Ice - snuzone
Nois Black Currant Nicotine Pouches
Nois Black Currant Offer €2,25
Spare 11%
Grant WildberryGrant Wild Berry Nicotine Pouches
Grant Wildberry Offer €2,40 Regular price€2,70
Kurwa Fatality Brutal Blueberry


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