Made for exclusive and elegant nicotine enjoyment.

A strong snus - suitable for experienced users.



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Kurwa Fatality Brutal Blueberry
Kurwa Fatality Cactus Apple
Kurwa Collection Blackcurrant Purple Grape 25 mg
Kurwa Fatality Brutal Strawberry
Kurwa Collection Berries-Forest Berries
Kurwa Fatality Brutal Fruity Gum
Kurwa Fatality Grape Mint Waves
Kurwa Fatality Tropical Cocktail
Kurwa Collection Fresh Cola Vanilla Cherry 25 mg
Kurwa Fatality Cherry-Cranberry-Shake
Sold out
Kurwa Collection Barberry-Strawberry-Vanilla 25mg
Kurwa Fatality Brutal Energy Drink
Kurwa Fatality Apple Energy Drink
Kurwa Collection Copapilada Mango Juicy 25 mg
Sold out
Kurwa Fatality Lemon Lemongrass
Kurwa Fatality Pink Rose Lemonade
Kurwa Fatality Energy Cola
Kurwa Killer Kiwi Strawberry
Kurwa Fatality Grapefruit Lemonily Vanilla
Kurwa Killer Blueberry-Marmelade
Kurwa Killer Bubblegum
Kurwa Killer Bubblegum Offer €2,10
Kurwa Killer Blackcurrant
Kurwa Collection Strawberry Gum
Kurwa Collection Raspberry-Strawberry


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